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Lots of lesson plans are available in different languages and for different age groups. Intended for pre-university students, parents, teachers, school counsellors, and the general public, lets visitors explore how to prepare for an engineering career, ask experts engineering-related questions, and play interactive games.

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Engineers of Tomorrow ( is a not-for-profit volunteer organization committed to STEM Outreach.  They started in Ontario running the Engineer in Residence (EIR) program started by the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).  They are now expanding to other provinces.

Several IEEE Sections in Canada have collaborated with Engineers of Tomorrow and PEO volunteers to for local events in their sections – notably Peterborough, Ottawa, and London sections.

Engineers of Tomorrow can be another source to arrange a classroom visit by an engineer through that EIR program (  Teachers can register to be matched with a local engineer.  While their resources are targeted for supporting engineers in the EIR program, this is growing and is a probable source for lesson planning.

IEEE REACH (Raising Engineering Awareness through the Conduit of History –  has numerous lesson plans on the history of specific technologies and are continually expanding this resource.  These can be useful parts of school projects.

Examples are:

IEEE TV ( is IEEE’s resource of short videos.  While many of these may be of interest only to IEEE members there are numerous educational videos that can be found using the search tool.  These could be useful for school projects. Some examples are:

STEM Outreach Publications

An archive of nine years of our Courier newsletter. These have write ups on many past activities and projects that may spark ideas for your activities.


More lesson plans with a focus on nanotechnology brought to you by the IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC). offers broad and updated resources for those interested in exploring or participating in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

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