Volunteer Resources on This Website

Besides the resources on this page, there are other resources available for you on the K-12 Educator Resources page, in particular the TryEngineering site with lesson plans and activities.  Please check these resources periodically as they will continue to be updated and expanded.

Our STEM Outreach Publications page has an archive of nine years of our Courier newsletter.  These have write-ups on many past activities and projects that may spark ideas for your activities.

With our rebooted website, write-ups on activities are now directly on the Home page or on the Activities page.  Please check these for upcoming events or recent activities.

How to Start STEM Outreach Activities in Your Section

A virtual training session was provided March 9, 2021 for all IEEE members interested in “How to Start STEM Outreach Activities in Your Section”

This provided an introduction to the program, a demonstration of TryEngineering resources, some guidelines for starting in your section, and then a hands on activity (Tall Tower Challenge). A PDF copy of the slides is available in the media section of the above vTools link or can be requested at Contact Us.

vTools Reporting of Your STEM Activity

In order for IEEE to be aware of your event, it must be reported in vTools.  Instruction for this is attached.  You can set this up in advance and then report the attendance and complete the survey after or simply create and report in one step after.

vTools allows you to manage registration or collect fees if this is a functionality you need.

Alternately, you can report your event directly through the Volunteer-Portal-Reporting

STEM Volunteer Portal

TryEngineering has added a STEM Volunteer Portal which has a growing number of STEM programs from other volunteers, information on grant funding, and other resources to help with your outreach efforts.  This is also starting to show upcoming Pre-University events should you want to join these and is one way to report your events.  All reported events at reflected in a dashboard.